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Purpose of Program
The purpose of this application is to provide a single method of sending email pragmatically as a .NET web service.

Application Specification
This web service application has been written in C# .NET within the .NET Framework 4.5. It is an ASMX web service which can be implemented into an IIS server running the .NET Framework 4.5.


sendNotification Method
The application only consists of a single method, the sendNotification method. This method is responsible for generating the email object and sending it through a bridgehead server.

The send notification method can be called from any application, web page or scripting language that can access web services written in .NET.

Calling the Web Service (from .NET)
To call this web service you must pass in three string parameters. You must pass it the user name or email group name to send to, the subject of the email and the message itself.

To call this web service from .NET you must first create a Service Reference in your Visual Studio project, you can then use the following C# code.

mailsender.Service1SoapClient client = new mailsender.Service1SoapClient();
client.sendNotification(<user>, <subject>, <message>);

The string parameters must be in the appropriate format for the web service. The user name must be in the firstname.lastname format and be correct for the user in question. For example if the users email address is, it’s no good sending jonathan.doe to the web service.

The subject should be a short string no more than 255 characters long, whereas the message itself can be a longer string if required.

Application & Bridgehead Settings
The web service uses a web.config file to store important system information.

There are two key areas, the first is a connection string property in the config file that stores the email bridgehead server address.

The second property is the sending email address. You should provide a generic address for all applications to use.

These settings should not be changed without first consulting the web & workflow team to ensure it is acceptable to do so as this is a shared resource.

If at any point the web service encounters an error, it will write an entry to the server’s event log. These will be easily recognisable by their log entry title which will contain GlobalSendMail for easy recognition.

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